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Strategy, Organization, Technology

Adapting your marketing and CRM approach to the modern standard is not a simple process. Quick-fix marketing and CRM solutions are a helpful technology, but marketers need to be wary not to implement a promising solution whilst leaving strategy and organization untouched.

Nils Weber, managing director at the digital integration company NEXUS Business Centric, is an expert we were delighted to consult. His interest in the field has grown with his extensive experience.

“People who have been playing solo need to become a band”

Nils Weber explains marketing and CRM’s recent paradigm shift. Not long ago, every engagement channel – be it email, social media or direct mail marketing and CRM – had their own team, each working as a soloist. Now, the walls between teams have broken, the silos are merging and marketing and CRM teams are joining forces to become one large orchestra.

Our intuition might be to first invest in the best technology, one that can bring together all of the marketing and CRM teams under one umbrella. In actuality, strategy must first be remapped, your organization needs to accomodate for sprint logic and must be shuffled with certain team positions being dropped and others created, and only then can the right technology be invested in.

Nils Weber takes us through the do’s and don’ts, highlighting the avoidable pitfalls that many companies fall into.

“We’ve been able to get campaigns up and running within ten to twelve weeks”

Although things aren’t as simple as they may first seem, they don’t have to be overly complicated either. Nils Weber explains how Engagement CDP technology helps with all three pillars for transformation that doesn’t take a lifetime: Aside from being the best choice technologically, they’re ideal for a company’s new holistic organization and are able to provide for the most ambitious cross-channel strategies.