First-party data has long ceased to be a nice-to-have and is now essential for the survival of companies. At the digital conference Kundendaten Trends 2022, our CMO Dr. Markus Wuebben explained why this is true and how you can best access and organize your customer data in a smart way.


The Platform Economy Makes Brand Differentiation More Difficult

Exploding customer acquisition costs, increasing competition in e-commerce, or the more difficult use of third-party cookies are just a few aspects that lead to the big platforms gaining more and more power.

The consequence? Small and medium-sized companies are increasingly suffering from reduced margins and difficult direct access to customers. There is only one solution: marketers must take the customer relationship into their own hands and manage first-party customer data independently.

In this brief German presentation by Dr. Markus Wuebben, you will learn how this can be done and how companies can intelligently get the most out of their customer data.

Kundendaten Trends Conference

The Kundendaten Trends Conference from Marketing Börse addresses the biggest customer data management challenges for marketers: What data-driven processes can be used to optimize decision making? How can the customer experience be made more customer-centric through AI, machine learning, and data science? Marketers can learn all this from industry experts.