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In Order to Successfully Communicate with Your Existing Customers, Three Factors Are Relevant:

Accessing All Data

You have access to all data—in real time, straightforward and easy.

Creating User Journeys

You create individual user journeys optimized for success.

Tools for Delivery

You use the best tools to address your customers personally.

With CrossEngage, your marketing and CRM team has the right tool at their fingertips to create a meaningful customer experience.

What Do You Know about Your Customers?

Our Customer Data & Engagement Platform provides marketing and CRM professionals with all the insights they need for targeted campaigns—from general product and user data to current orders and individual user behavior.

All relevant information about your customers is available at a central point in real time.

With the help of these 360-degree customer profiles, you can plan, segment, and test immediately and easily.

How Good Is Your CRM?

Today’s customers expect that they only receive relevant news through the right channels—and ideally at the right time.

Therefore, you should avoid spreading remarketing campaigns and messages to your existing customers in an undifferentiated way by email, SMS, push notification, and social media.

With CrossEngage, you can coordinate all channels and reach your customers wherever they want to be picked up.

Powerful real-time data processing:


Events / Day

Orders / Day

Do You Rely on the Right Tools?

We rely on the best marketing tools: yours. Because every company has individual technological requirements that can change with time. We integrate your entire existing digital infrastructure so that you can use the best setup for your company and remain agile in the future.

With CrossEngage, you can intelligently and automatically control how e-mails, direct mailings, and push notifications are sent and how individual messages are played out on social networks and on your website.

You are in control and simply decide with which actions you want to optimize churn rate and customer lifetime value.

Do you know how your customers would like to be reached?

How do you avoid shopping cart dropouts without annoying your customers?

How do you avoid that customers receive too many messages at once?

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