Increasing Customer Value

The Cologne stop of our Christmas Roadshow, organized by trbo, optilyz, Gpredictive and us at CrossEngage, took place at our client FOND OF’s office.

FOND OF was founded in Cologne in 2010 as Ergobag GmbH, and has set itself the goal of producing high-quality and long-lasting sustainable bags. FOND OF is expanding its scope to produce more than just backpacks and is creating a whole world of brands to increase customer value.

In the past, FOND OF followed a one-message-fits-all approach to customer engagement. Newsletters, the online shop, and messages through any other channels looked the same for all customers. Now CrossEngage allows FOND OF to provide customers with personalized content across all channels. For example, a parent who has bought a satchel for his child can be accompanied until school enrolment with service mailings and relevant content. This enables effective cross- and up-selling. In FOND OF’s presentation Nadine Guckeisen, Direct Marketing Manager at FOND OF, gives insight into how their company uses the CrossEngage CDP to increase customer value.