HelloFresh Leverages Its CDP’s Power to Orchestrate Cross-Channel Campaigns and Increase Marketing ROI

About HelloFresh

HelloFresh is a meal-kit company that provides households the opportunity to enjoy wholesome, home-made meals without the hassle of shopping for ingredients and with minimal preparation time. Each day’s meals are carefully planned, every ingredient is carefully sourced and meal packages are delivered to subscribers’ front doors at the times most convenient for them. HelloFresh currently operates in 11 countries.

Seamless Customer Experiences

The challenge: Contradictory, inconsistent messaging was confusing customers

HelloFresh offers a unique experience for each customer, accounting for each customer’s particular tastes, allergies, delivery times and order quantities. Their customer communication takes each customer’s unique traits into account and takes place over multiple channels. That makes consistent, personalized customer engagement across all of HelloFresh’s channels indispensable, which requires sophisticated cross-channel campaign marketing.

HelloFresh struggled to synchronize its channels despite being digitally native. This resulted in blurry brand perception and confused customers as communications were not in sync and, at times, even conflicted across channels.

Brand Perception

The Challenge: Channels Weren’t Synchronized – Leading to Blurry Brand Perception & Confused Customers

Consistent, personalized customer engagement across all of HelloFresh’s channels is indispensable.

HelloFresh has always followed a best-of-breed approach to marketing technology, meaning it deploys the best tools for each marketing channel it uses and every market that it serves. HelloFresh sends emails through SendGrid, SMS messages through Twilio, direct mail through optilyz and Lob and push notifications through Braze.

The approach has many advantages but comes with challenges: Disparate data sources lead to incomplete customer views and disparate marketing channels lead to unsynchronized marketing communications, ultimately damaging customer satisfaction.

The solution: CDP-enabled channel orchestration that allows for consistent marketing campaigns

The missing link in HelloFresh’s MarTech stack was a CDP with excellent campaign management capabilities, such as CrossEngage. Its abilities include:

  1. Combining data from every data source to create unified and permanent 360-degree customer profiles.
  2. Orchestrating marketing communication on both individual and audience levels in real-time.
  3. Integrating with all of HelloFresh’s existing marketing channel tools.

HelloFresh now leverages detailed, accurate customer information when communicating with customers, synchronizes messages sent across different channels and continues to use its best-of-breed channel solutions. Messages sent to customers no longer contradict each other or feel out of sync, and HelloFresh can concentrate on creating a positive, consistent brand perception and satisfying customers.

Customer Journey

The Solution: Cross-Channel CRM via Customer Data Platform & Channel Intergration Allows for Seamless Execution

An advantage of a CDP with advanced campaign management facility is its deep integration into delivery channels. More precisely, instead of uploading segments into delivery channels and triggering campaigns through each channel individually, CrossEngage enables complete centralized control of the campaign flow. It reduces effort and enables real-time, cross-channel campaign management.

That’s not all… find out exactly how HelloFresh uses CrossEngage now.

HelloFresh Case Study CrossEngage

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