Customers Need Heroes.
Heroes Need Freedom.

Cross-channel CRM and marketing require not only the right data and tools but also the right people. We call them heroes.

Customers Need Heroes

CRM and marketing should not be about tools, but about strategies, crazy ideas, and the creative minds behind them. In our video series, we portray the otherwise invisible customer heroes, who we want to enable and who fill our platform with life.

CrossEngage Hero Florian Bonnet

Florian Bonnet
Head of CRM at HelloFresh

“Be smarter and target fewer people better.”

CrossEngage Hero Lisa Hütteroth

Lisa Hütteroth
Head of CRM at Friendsurance

“Less work for all and we are much faster.”

CrossEngage Hero Christian Efendic

Christian Efendic
Team Lead CRM at Contorion

“Our focus is to make the customer happy.”

Heroes Need Freedom

Tools should give brands the freedom to respond to their customers’ individual needs and preferences. That is the only way to build long-term and valuable relationships with them. CrossEngage orchestrates all your data, channels, and tools so that you can provide relevant content when and wherever your customers need you.

Heroes are King

Freedom from lacking flexibility and cumbersome manual work.
Cross-channel is possible without IT support, and without replacing your existing infrastructure.

Heroes are Free

Freedom to easily segment, test, and automate.
Control marketing and CRM campaigns across all channels—with all your data, tools, and ideas in one place.

Become A Hero

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