Let the Marketing Flywheel Spin

The platform economy has a firm grip on the world of retail and e-commerce companies.

Direct customer access is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive. Margins have to be shared with platform operators. Customers are faced with ever-increasing advertising pressure. Moreover, there is no alternative to the platform concept in sight any time soon. The Corona situation has also served more as an accelerator for this development.

Is the classic e-commerce company now at the end of its rope? Gary Vaynerchuk, e-commerce guru from the U.S., brings the situation to a dramatic head: “98% of direct-to-consumer brands are dead, they just do not know it yet.”

We at CrossEngage also recognize the rapid, partly dangerous development. But we say: stand up to it!

That is why we launched touchpoints digital 2020. Originally planned as a conference for a small, selected circle of marketing decision-makers and experts, due to the current Corona situation we moved into digital space – successfully:

Within four weeks, in ten sessions with 16 speakers, over 270 participants dealt with the question of how retail can hold its ground in the platform economy.

The central focus in all sessions is the potential of the marketing flywheel and how to transfer the concept strategically and operationally to your own company.

All Presentations With Best Practices & Inspiration

We offered leading CRM experts from Scout24, Walz Leben & Wohnen, CHANNEL21, SportSpar, ETERNA, Bertelsmann & Co. a stage to share their knowledge and best practices with a broad audience – rounded off and framed by marketing pioneers Dr. Florian Heinemann from Project A and Erik Siekmann from Digital Forward.

All presentations can be found here, summarized in a playlist:


Find out how CrossEngage can help you to compete in the platform economy using the marketing flywheel: