Reacting to the Current Situation in the Market

Atelier Goldner Schnitt (AGS), a cross-channel fashion retailer for women’s fashion in the best-ager segment, is facing major challenges. The market-dominating fashion players and platforms are expanding further and further into their market, bringing with them the risk that revenue generated with regular customers could decline in the long term. To counteract this, the company decided to put its customers at the center of all processes – personalized customer communication with the right offer at the right time via the right channel – in order to keep its own customers satisfied.

Working with CrossEngage – to Put Customers at the Center of All Processes

Along with this, marketing processes had to be more technologically innovative and effective. The company decided to work with both CrossEngage products – the Customer Prediction Platform (CPP) and the Customer Data Platform (CDP). AGS pursued several operational goals, all of which were designed to provide an individualized view of its customers. Firstly to evaluate internally all customers according to their future customer lifetime value and secondly several goals in terms of external communication through various advertising channels and the impact of the brand.

To implement both platforms, the fashion retailer initially started with one use case and a small amount of data to create a solid foundation.  Expanding to further use cases happened step by step.

“Without you, we would not have been able to set this up at the speed we did! The platform was a key success factor, but also the close partnership, the project management, and your deep understanding of our CRM.“


– Marcus Anton, Managing Director, Atelier Goldner Schnitt

The Results Speak for Themselves

The results are impressive: Primarily due to predictive scoring, which customers do not need any further advertising impulse at the moment and the resulting savings on advertising costs, the contribution margin was increased by a seven-digit sum. In addition, instead of the previous ten predictive models, there are currently more than 200 predictive models in operational use. Marketing budget decisions can now be made automatically.

Find out in the following case study how Atelier Goldner Schnitt has successfully taken the path to greater customer-centricity.

Atelier Goldner Schnitt Case Study Download

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