The Masterclass of Dr. Markus Wuebben, our CMO, was one of the most wanted at the OMR Festival 2022. The topic seems more relevant than ever, as it was about nothing less than the future of CRM in e-commerce and D2C.

“Customer acquisition has become dangerously expensive. For this reason alone, we need to generate ‘more value’ with existing customers.”

Rapid Developments

Rising customer acquisition costs, more difficult customer access through platforms, and limited tracking options are just a few of the key points that are fueling the rapid developments in marketing and CRM. Customers are also increasingly realizing that their data is of great value. Trust in a brand has never been more important for accessing first-party data.

Retention has never been more important

Considering all these aspects, customer lifetime value (CLV) is becoming increasingly important. It indicates the monetary value that a company can expect from a customer. The CLV becomes sustainable when it can make statements about the future (“Predctive CLV”). If this value is calculated precisely and data-based with the help of advanced AI, audiences can be addressed in a targeted and value-based manner. With the right tool, appropriate measures can be implemented in no time and continuously optimized through essential experiments.

In six clear categories, we show which challenges and important steps are important now.

“CRM 2.0 means: Managing customer segments by value (CLV)”