Today’s customers have high expectations: They want personalized, relevant content at the right time and through the right channel. According to a study by Accenture, 91% of consumers prefer brands that remember who they are, know their interests, and offer recommendations that are personally relevant to them (2018).

Marketers can meet these needs with effective online personalization. A personalized online shopping experience for each customer increases customer loyalty and long-term customer value, making it an important sales driver.

In our webinar, Anna-Katharina Knarr, VP Account Management at our technology partner trbo, and Maxi Nelkenbrecher, Senior Sales Consultant here at CrossEngage, show how onsite personalization can be even more individualized with a Customer Data Platform (CDP).

A Prerequisite for Onsite Personalization: Data

The main prerequisite for effective on-site personalization is data. This can include onsite behavior, geographic data, engagement data, the device used, the weather, and much more. Static, and dynamic segmentation can be performed based on data. Static segmentation assigns customers to specific segments based on static traits such as age or gender. Dynamic segmentation, on the other hand, moves customers between segments based on their behavior, sometimes involving real-time triggers such as exit intent.

Making Onsite Personalization Even More Personal With a CDP

A CDP such as CrossEngage can help exploit targeting opportunities: A CDP combines onsite data with data from all other available sources into centralized, permanent 360-degree profiles. That enables temporary, anonymous, and device-dependent cookie data to be enriched with permanent existing customer data. This enables even more individualized user-specific onsite personalization in real-time, tailored to each individual customer. As an example, marketers can create personalized entries or exits, or individualized product recommendations. Visitors become customers and customers become regular customers.

In the webinar you’ll learn:

  • Why personalization is important for customer loyalty
  • Which data helps with personalization
  • What onsite personalization looks like, with concrete examples
  • How onsite personalization can be made even more personalized with a CDP

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