Customer Lifetime Value Deep Dive: What Is Behind This Magic Metric and How Do I Use It Correctly?


Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is one of the most used terms these days. And rightly so, as higher customer acquisition costs (CAC) make it increasingly difficult for us to get customers profitable right from the first purchase.

But there still seems to be relatively little specific knowledge about CLV in the market. As a result, companies are either not using this wonderful metric properly or not realizing its full potential.

This webinar is a deep dive into the wonderful world of CLV.

Specifically, you’ll learn:


Why the CLV is so important to businesses.


What are the components of a CLV.


What influencing factors have the most impact on CLV.


How to use the CLV in a flexible way.

Because in the end, CLV is more than a number, it’s a mindset!