A turbulent year 2022 lies behind us. Growth at any price is over – profitability is the order of the day. That’s why we marketers went back to the customer relationship this year!

That’s exactly what we postulated at the beginning of 2022 in our kick-off webinar, namely “Back to customer”, and we believe we weren’t entirely wrong. You can watch this recording here:

Webinar: CRM Trends 2022 – Back to the Customer

In 2022, in addition to the market turbulences, there were new developments in the field of generative AI, i.e. ChatGPT, Dall-E, Vall-E, which promise our marketers an enormous efficiency boost. How do these tools help us in our daily-doing?

2022 was also the year CRM was more deeply integrated into business models. You can see how this works, what it means and many more exciting CRM topics in our webinar “Re:cap 2022”.

Check it out!