What Is CrossEngage?

CrossEngage is a SaaS solution that orchestrates your customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing across all channels, giving you freedom of choice in your tool selection. Our solution combines a high-performance customer data platform (CDP) with the necessary logic for cross-channel campaign management.

Our CDP consolidates all your customer data in real time into comprehensive 360-degree customer profiles. Based on these data, you can segment customer groups as well as personalize and automate customer journeys.

For the delivery of messages in the respective channel, CrossEngage integrates specialized channel solutions—for example for e-mail, push notification, SMS, Facebook, programmatic advertising, and more. This allows you to choose the best and most suitable set of tools and remain flexible in the future too.

Why Do I Need CrossEngage?

Advanced CRM and marketing means being able to address customers and potential customers in real time and according to their individual preferences—whether regarding content, the appropriate channel, or message frequency. Only a good and consistent customer experience across all channels can sustain customer loyalty in the long run. Our platform is built for this purpose.

How Does CrossEngage Benefit My CRM and Marketing?

CrossEngage is designed for CRM and marketing teams. Our platform enables them to target customers individually and consistently across all channels without relying on IT and business intelligence resources.

With our visual user interface, marketers can create customer segments with just a few clicks, shape individual customer journeys based on data, and dispatch campaigns across channels without time-consuming manual processes. This allows marketers to test campaigns in a trice, leaving more time to develop strategies and campaign ideas.

How Does CrossEngage Benefit My IT and Business Intelligence?

CrossEngage relieves IT and business intelligence teams. Tiresome tasks such as creating customer segments and automating campaigns can easily be taken over by your CRM and marketing teams, as CrossEngage does not require any programming skills.

How Does CrossEngage Increase My ROI and CLV?

Acquiring customers is essential, but retaining them is even more critical. Thought-through CRM is significantly cheaper and more profitable in the long term than acquiring new customers. Targeting customers precisely in a personalized manner, you can build valuable and long-term customer relationships and increase your CLV and ROI sustainably.

What Data Can CrossEngage Collect and Consolidate?

CrossEngage can merge data from all data sources available to you. In addition to basic profile data of your customers, this also includes historical customer data as well as the current user behavior across different channels in real time. Examples of data sources include CRM systems, data warehouses, web tracking solutions, and response data from channel-specific marketing tools.

How Are 360-Degree Customer Profiles Generated?

CrossEngage uses various identifiers to assign different data points to individual customers in compliance with data protection regulations. This consolidation is also called “profile stitching”, which ultimately generates comprehensive 360-degree customer profiles.

How Does Segmentation Work?

With the visual user interface of our Segment Builder, you can create complex segments with just a few clicks. You define certain conditions and receive the desired segments in real time. An example of a customer segment would be a concatenation of the following conditions: Male customers over 30 years of age who have visited the website within the last 14 days or have opened the newsletter within the previous seven days.

How Does CrossEngage Guarantee Real-Time Capability?

CrossEngage relies on modern cloud technology instead of relational databases. In this way, all data are centralized and available in real time.

How Does CrossEngage Automate Campaigns and Individual Customer Journeys?

With our Journey Builder you create CRM and marketing campaigns and roll them out to customer segments previously generated. By linking different campaigns, you can shape customer journeys individually.

CrossEngage offers two basic types of campaigns. Our Audience Campaigns are classical campaigns, which you set up for a specific runtime and which are dispatched automatically at a particular point in time. Our Real-Time Campaigns are campaigns that are triggered by specific events, i.e., activities of your customers. This allows you to react to customer behavior in real time or to dispatch campaigns automatically at a certain interval after an event.

You can customize messages for different channels and subsegments. Also, you can exclude certain customer segments from campaigns and cap the frequency of messages across all channels.

Do I Have to Use the Existing Integrations For Each Channel?

No. You can choose the tools you want to use. CrossEngage integrates your existing infrastructure and ensures agility in the future as you can easily integrate new tools and channels. For the integration of channel-specific solutions, we rely on APIs or webhooks, via which our platform communicates with the corresponding tools. While we set up in-depth integrations for you utilizing appropriate APIs, you can also customize webhooks independently.

Do I Need to Replace My Existing Infrastructure?

No. CrossEngage is a superordinate instance above your existing infrastructure and enables you to orchestrate all connected data sources and tools. We know how costly and time-consuming it can be to replace current solutions. That is why we integrate the tools you like to use.

How Quickly Can CrossEngage Be Implemented?

Because your existing infrastructure is maintained, CrossEngage can be implemented in a few months. Of course, the effort depends on the scope of the corresponding infrastructure. However, CrossEngage can be implemented much faster than well-known marketing cloud solutions, since they entirely replace your existing infrastructure.

How Is CrossEngage Different from Marketing Clouds like Salesforce or Oracle?

The well-known marketing cloud vendors want to provide a comprehensive solution for all relevant tasks in CRM and marketing—from the necessary data infrastructure to campaign management to the selection and analysis of advertising media. As a result, they lose agility and flexibility. Usually, they only have their strength in certain CRM or marketing channels from which they have developed historically. Besides, the large cloud solutions often have considerable shortcomings in processing large amounts of data or complex data structures and do not offer real-time capability.

We follow a different philosophy and integrate the best channel-specific solutions to deliver messages to your customers. This guarantees long-term agility in tool selection and the best performance in the respective channel.

DWH, DMP, CDP – What’s the Difference?

Of all solutions on the market that manage customer data, customer data platforms (CDPs) such as CrossEngage are the only ones that enable a truly customer-centric approach. Certain systems such as data warehouses (DWHs) are strong in data management, but do not offer real-time capability, require programming skills, and cannot be used to manage campaigns. Other solutions focus on specific use cases but do not allow a holistic approach to customer data management. Data management platforms (DMPs), for example, only use cookies as identifiers, are primarily suitable for programmatic advertising, and can therefore not be used to target individual customers.

What Is a Customer Data Platform (CDP)?

A Customer Data platform is a marketer-managed system that creates a persistent, unified customer database that is accessible to other systems.

For Which Companies Is CrossEngage the Right Choice?

Our solution is basically suitable for all companies that need to use and coordinate several CRM and marketing channels. Especially companies with a strong focus on their digital business and which always want to use the latest channels and technologies are well positioned with CrossEngage. But our platform is also the right choice for companies that have already built up an extensive CRM and marketing infrastructure. Instead of replacing the existing setup, CrossEngage integrates all data sources and tools.

Which Companies Use CrossEngage?

Our customers include companies from different industries and with different business models. The spectrum ranges from e-commerce to mobility and travel to the insurance industry. Companies like Deutsche Bahn Vertrieb GmbH, Chrono24, HelloFresh, and stylefile.de already rely on CrossEngage.

What Support Does CrossEngage Offer?

Every company is different. Therefore, in addition to a support page with detailed documentation, we rely on personal support from our customer success team. In addition to the initial implementation of our solution, we are available at all times, offering solutions and ideas on an individual basis. In cooperation with selected partner agencies, we also offer strategic support to elevate your business.

How Much Does CrossEngage Cost?

We offer an individual pricing model that is tailored to the specific requirements of your company. In addition to an initial setup fee and monthly support packages, CrossEngage charges according to the volume of data used—and not according to the number of messages, campaigns, or even according to a proportion of media expenditures or revenues, as other providers do. In this way, we prevent conflicts of interest and can be significantly more transparent and cheaper than other solutions.

How Secure Is My Data?

As a contracted data processor, we do not hold any rights to your data. Your data is hosted on secure servers located in Europe that fulfil the stipulations of ISO-Norm 27001:2005. We follow German data protection law to the letter, which is among the strictest regulatory frameworks in the world. Our platform follows the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and we have been audited by external data security experts.

Does CrossEngage Comply with the GDPR?

Yes, absolutely. CrossEngage not only complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) but also helps you to ensure the portability of customer data and to manage and document opt-in and opt-out processes easily.