CrossEngage integrates seamlessly with the totality of your existing infrastructure while simultaneously enabling you to explore new paths whenever you like. We integrate the leading solutions for all relevant marketing channels and tasks. Our portfolio is constantly expanding. If the tools you need are not yet included, we would be more than happy to integrate them for you!


Email is still the most important CRM channel and there are many excellent vendors who specialize in creating simple campaigns, responsive templates as well as automated and personalized mailings.

Direct Mail

Direct mailing is back in fashion because paper can have a special effect on customers. With digital support, postal dispatch can nowadays be integrated into the marketing mix and easily personalized.

Push Notifications

Whether on websites, in apps or even in messengers, push notifications enable companies to address their customers individually, respond to their current behavior, and provide them with useful information immediately.

SMS Notifications

SMS sounds almost antique in many ears. However, it is often helpful for companies to be able to use this channel. You can reach all customers via SMS, regardless of whether they have a specific app or a suitable messenger installed.

On-Site Optimization

Website content does not have to be static. With solutions for on-site personalization, every visitor gets an individual website with suitable content, recommendations and offers.

Social Media

Companies can use social media to address existing customers as well as gain new ones based on their existing customer data. Thus, CRM can be extended to the upper funnel.

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