Turn your data into customer engagement


The open marketing platform for agile, cross-channel marketing

CrossEngage is a SaaS open marketing platform that combines a customer data platform with cross-channel campaign management capabilities. It easily integrates with all data sources and marketing channels so that your existing infrastructure does not need to be replaced.


Merge all of your data silos

CrossEngage’s customer data platform combines all your online and offline data sources into actionable 360° real-time customer profiles.


Get rid of manual list pulls

Our cross-channel campaign management solution allows you to build advanced segments, share them across channels and react to customer behavior in real-time.


Leverage the advantages of best-of-breed

The CrossEngage open marketing platform works in tandem with your existing marketing infrastructure so you can use best-of-breed technology for each channel.

Drive customer engagement


Customer activation

Turn your visitors into customers with advanced cross-channel cart abandonment campaigns.


Churn prevention

Target customers who are about to slip away before they do and win back inactive customers.


Customer loyalty

Increase customer loyalty with individual up- and cross-sell promotions for your best customers.

Complex cross-channel marketing made easy


Integrate all data sources within weeks instead of months.


Drive engagement treating every customer as the only one.


Connect any tool to benefit from the advantages of best-of-breed.


Act on your customer’s behavior immediately in real-time.


Launch faster without replacing your marketing infrastructure.


Orchestrate your marketing across all channels.


Stay agile when changes occur and new channels emerge.


Build complex segments without depending on tech support.

Our customers’ success is our success

“CrossEngage allows us to have a meaningful conversation with our customers rather than addressing them with generic advertising.”

Kachun To CEO, mycs

“Approaching potential and existing customers in an orchestrated way can be the source of a relevant and defendable competitive advantage for advertisers. CrossEngage allows you to gradually enter channel orchestration while maintaining full control of your user and customer data.”

Dr. Florian Heinemann Co-Founder & Managing Director, Project A Ventures

“CrossEngage combines data from any data source we wish to use and lets us interact with our customers in real-time.”

Christian Efendic Senior CRM Manager, Contorion

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