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CrossEngage helps companies build long-lasting, valuable customer relationships. With its unique Customer Data and Prediction Platform brands can easily identify, prioritize, and activate customer audiences. Leveraging AI and predictive CRM, the SaaS solution determines the monetary impact and urgency of reaching out to customers. This yields better and more relevant customer experiences and increases customer lifetime value and ROI.

The CrossEngage Customer Data and Prediction Platform collects and unifies first-party data from all sources. Hence, every marketer can determine relevant audiences through the unique power of predictive CRM and no-code modeling. With built-in audience management, campaigns can be targeted to the most valuable customers and data can be activated for engaging cross-channel customer journeys. A team of experts supports brands in realizing a customer-centric approach from onboarding to growth to ensure the success of every client. To meet rising consumers’ privacy and legal expectations, CrossEngage fulfills the highest security and privacy standards. The software vendor hosts all data in the European Union and works with renowned security and privacy experts.

With 70 employees in Berlin and Hamburg, CrossEngage serves industry-leading companies such as Deutsche Bahn, Peek & Cloppenburg, Porta, Scout24, and Shop Apotheke.


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Giuseppe Rondinella, hypr Berlin

Giuseppe Rondinella
Attention Lead bei hypr


Dr. Bjoern Goerke Co-Founder Co-CEO thumbnail

Dr. Björn Goerke


Dr. Björn Goerke is Co-CEO of CrossEngage and responsible for corporate development. For 15 years his heart has been beating for data science, which developed into the important mission of bringing this topic into the corporate landscape. Björn holds a Ph.D. in quantitative marketing from the University of Kiel.

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CrossEngage Co-Founder Manuel Hinz

Manuel Hinz


Manuel Hinz is Co-CEO of CrossEngage and an experienced entrepreneur, consultant, and manager. For many years, he has successfully managed e-commerce startups – from the initial setup to a successful exit. Among others, he worked for DailyDeal (exit to Google), Toroleo, and Scarosso. Beyond his operational experience, he advises Earlybird Venture Capital and eTribes Connect.

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Dr. Dennis Proppe Co-Founder CAIO CrossEngage-thumbnail

Dr. Dennis Proppe

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Dr. Dennis Proppe is Chief Technology Officer of CrossEngage and responsible for the product development and delivery of the vision. He brings 15 years of experience in machine learning and has been successfully building innovative AI and engineering teams for over ten years. Dennis holds a Ph.D. in marketing and statistics from the University of Kiel.

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CrossEngage Co-Founder Dr. Markus Wuebben

Dr. Markus Wuebben

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Dr. Markus Wuebben is responsible for communications at CrossEngage as CMO. For Markus, CRM is more than just an acronym – it is his passion. Since completing his doctorate in 2008, Dr. Markus Wübben has been working on the topics of CRM, first-party data, customer lifetime value, and AI in marketing. After working for the customer loyalty program DeutschlandCard and the company builders Rocket Internet and EPIC Companies, he co-founded his own SaaS startup CrossEngage in 2015.

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Press Releases

CDP meets AI: CrossEngage and GPredictive Join Forces

CDP meets AI: CrossEngage and GPredictive Join Forces

Berlin/Hamburg, September 24, 2020 – The customer data platform provider CrossEngage and GPredictive, provider of a customer prediction platform, are joining forces to unite the best of both worlds...

CrossEngage Welcomes acardo as New Client

CrossEngage Welcomes acardo as New Client

Couponing Specialists acardo Enhance Their Technology Stack with the CrossEngage Customer Data and Engagement Platform Berlin/Dortmund, October 31, 2019. Germany’s leading customer data platform...

CrossEngage Closes Series A Financing Round

CrossEngage Closes Series A Financing Round

Deutsche Bahn, HelloFresh, Hertha BSC, and Karl Lagerfeld Rely on Berlin Marketing Technology Existing and new investors participating in the financing round Loyal existing customers...

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