The Customer Data and Prediction Platform to Build Valuable Customer Relationships

Companies need loyal customers. We enable marketers to draw on comprehensive customer data in real-time and activate it for consistent cross-channel messaging. Take each and every customer’s unique needs and expectations into account and enrich these insights automatically with predictive analytics, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence. Developed with marketers in mind, our software gives you the means to seamlessly orchestrate audiences, engage with the right customers, and build valuable, long-term relationships.
Reducing friction and offering great flexibility, CrossEngage is easy to implement and lets you realize simple use cases right out-of-the-box. Through our integrations and APIs, your setup is easily extensible, customizable, and future-proof.

Collect & Act

The Customer Data Platform

The Customer Data Platform (CDP) combines a real-time solution for customer data with cross-channel campaign management. Through data-based and individually coordinated interaction across all communication channels, companies can strengthen their customer loyalty, increase profitability, and win new customers more efficiently.

Collect Rich 360° User Profiles

Integrate all your data sources and overcome data silos to keep track of all of your customers’ past and present behavior in one place. Seamlessly include CRM systems, data warehouses, web-tracking solutions, or channel-specific marketing tool responses. Draw on comprehensive 360° customer data profiles that marketing personnel can access directly without the need for any support from IT.

Advanced Segmentation & Real-Time Automation

Create customer segments based on your first-party data in a matter of minutes and plan campaigns with efficiency and precision. Tailor campaigns to customer segments while accounting for each customer’s individual preferences regarding channel, time, and content. CrossEngage even lets you use customer behavior as a real-time trigger for your campaigns so you can respond to customer needs and desires instantly.

Cross-Channel Customer Journey & Campaign Management

Shape individual customer journeys with our intuitive visual interface, using every marketing channel you need, including email, push notification, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, programmatic advertising, direct mail, and much more. Creating templates and personalized messages for different channels is straightforward with CrossEngage.

Detect & Understand

The Customer Prediction Platform

With the Customer Prediction Platform (CPP), formerly GPredictive, you can create and maintain fully-automated hundreds of machine learning models very easily, quickly, and accurately to optimize strategy and budget decisions in marketing. Using artificial intelligence, it detects and understands changes, supporting customer centricity and personalization in cross-channel marketing.

Predefined Use Cases To Predict CLV, Churn, Second-Order, and More

Based on customer data such as transactions, master records, marketing activities, and various other data sources, the CPP provides you with the most relevant customer-individual KPIs automatically. Understand the changing and future behavior of your customers and use these insights to automate and optimize your marketing decisions.

Model Builder To Create Business-Individual Machine Learning Use Cases For Everyone

Do you need to select customers for tailored marketing campaigns? Do you have very particular customer segments? Do you want to get precise predictions for those special occasions? Readily create predictive models that search for behavioral patterns in your data to answer your unique marketing questions. Create these models without being an expert in data science and use them for every individual marketing use case you want to operationalize.

Advanced AutoML Workbench for Experts and Data Scientists

If you’re an expert in machine learning, the CPP allows you to create and maintain a myriad of machine learning models straightforward and in an instant. All data science processes, like data understanding and preparation, modeling, scoring, evaluation, deployment, are fully-automated and optimized for marketing use cases. You get the possibility to view and manipulate every step the CPP creates automatically – no black box. Via our API, you can create individual predictive models and set up automated data import and export.

Security & Privacy in Focus

CrossEngage is all about data. That’s why we do everything in our power to guarantee that your data stays secure. Your data remains your own – we only help you to make the very best of it.

Trusted by industry-leading organizations and a network of professional partners, we take security and privacy to the core. High performance, future-proof architecture, a high level of technical expertise, and external testing of critical system components is our number one priority.

CrossEngage - Contracted Data Processor

Contracted Data Processor

Our platform is designed to manage any kind of data securely and confidentially. As contracted data processors, we do not have any rights to the usage of or access to your data.

CrossEngage Servers in Germany

Servers in Germany

We host your data on secure servers located in Germany that fulfill the stipulations of ISO-Norm 27001:2005. We follow German data protection law to the letter, which is among the strictest regulatory frameworks in the world.

GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliant

Our platform follows the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and we have been audited by external data security experts.


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