Customer Data Platform

Customer Data Platform

Sophisticated digital marketing that doesn’t necessitate IT support is a reality. With the fastest customer data platform featuring the highest degree of integration imaginable, you’ll have a real handle on all your data and be able to understand every customer as an individual entity.

Mandrill Email Integration

360 degrees customer profiles

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Cross-Channel Campaign Management

Cross-Channel Campaign Management

Our visual user interface guarantees you will never lose sight of the big picture when staging even the most elaborate campaigns and sending out customized messages to all of your customers – through the right channel at just the right moment.

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Integrating the Best

Integrating the Best

The perpetual stream of new channels and tools means marketers are constantly faced with fresh challenges. CrossEngage keeps you agile, ready to react quickly both to changes to the market and to your customers’ ever evolving needs.

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CrossEngage is all about data. That’s why we do everything in our power to guarantee that your data stays secure. Your data remains your own – we only help you to make the very best of it.

Contracted Data Processor

Contracted Data Processor

Our platform is designed to manage any kind of data securely and confidentially. As contracted data processors, we do not have any rights to usage or access of your data.

German Servers

Servers in Germany

Your data is hosted on secure servers located in Germany that fulfill the stipulations of ISO-Norm 27001:2005. We follow German data protection law to the letter, which is among the strictest regulatory frameworks in the world.

GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliant

Our platform follows the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and we have been audited by external data security experts.