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Why CrossEngage?

CrossEngage enables you to orchestrate your marketing activities across all channels and devices within a single platform. All of your data silos are merged into one easy-to-use marketing powerhouse. You will create smart segmentations, cross-channel one-to-one campaigns, complex reactivation cycles and so much more in no time.

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CrossEngage helps you to deliver the right message, through the right channel, at the right time for every single user.

According to the Digital Marketers Census 2015, Cross-Channel Marketing is the highest of all priorities for Digital Marketers in Germany at 58%. CrossEngage helps you overcome these challenges and allows you to reap the benefits of an orchestrated cross-channel strategy.

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What others say about us

CrossEngage combines data from any data source we wish to use. This not only makes our data smart, but it enables us to tailor one-to-one customer experiences across all of our channels.
Christian Efendic  
Senior CRM Manager
CrossEngage broke down our data silos with ease - merging E-Mail, social and web lets us have an actual conversation with our customers, rather than sending them marketing messages.
Kachun To
Approaching potential and existing customers in an orchestrated way can be the source of a relevant and defendable competitive advantage for advertisers. And CrossEngage allows you to gradually enter channel orchestration while maintaining full control of your user and customer data.
Dr. Florian Heinemann  
Co-Founder & Managing Director 
Project A Ventures

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