Unfulfilled Desires

Cart abandonment is a particularly digital phenomenon. Whilst physical shopping carts full of unpurchased items are rarely abandoned by shoppers who’ve changed their minds, digital shopping carts are very frequently filled and then left.

The ratio of abandoned carts to completed transactions is staggeringly high: of carts with items added into them, 75.6% were abandoned in 2018. 

Personalized Reminders

The right marketing technology with the right strategy can save those sales. A customer data platform (CDP) gathers data from every available source, including real-time customer behavioral data, and makes that data instantly available to other solutions. The CrossEngage CDP goes further, integrating with customer messaging solutions to enable messaging automation and customer journey creation.

Marketers are using CrossEngage to set up automated messaging that responds to cart abandonment in real-time. Depending on the route marketers take, customers can get a browser notification the second they leave a cart abandoned, can be sent an email reminding them of the items they haven’t bought, sent a card in the post containing a voucher and more.

You can experience the CrossEngage CDP in action right now! Click this button and follow the steps for your own cart abandonment email.

Increased Sales

Increased sales due to less abandoned cart

Retailers using CrossEngage have seen increased sales when running abandoned cart campaigns. 

A home accessory retailer has seen a 71.09% increase in purchases over a four month period, a food industry retailer has seen a 170.43% increase over a five month period.