Convert Offline Customers to Become Multi-Channel Customers

The subject of this anonymized case study is an international fashion house with over 30 stores and 4,000 employees.

The contact restrictions required due to the COVID-19 pandemic hit the retailer particularly hard. During the first lockdown in spring 2020, but also afterward, it struggled with significantly declining demand and high losses in stores. All marketing campaigns geared to stationary sales also had to be rethought.

The only solution was to convert offline customers to online or multi-channel customers. Measures had to be found that could at least partially make up for the missing store sales – the project was entitled “BecomEcom”.

„Even in times of crisis and uncertainty, the fashion retailer knows that CrossEngage is the right partner supporting in any situation with machine learning models that are quick and easy to build.“


– Manuel Faza, Principal Sales Consultant, CrossEngage

Targeting Customers Based on Data

By working with CrossEngage, the fashion house was able to forecast the future purchase probabilities and sales expectations of an online purchase for each individual customer. Combined with the predicted customer lifetime value (CLV), they were able to identify which customers should be targeted with an ad to encourage them to make an online purchase.

This campaign not only generated a six-figure profit but more importantly, countless newly acquired multi-channel customers.

Multi Channel Customers

+ 28% Conversion Rate
+ 68% Revenue per Contact

Shop Customer
Offline-Only Customers

+ 65% Conversion Rate
+ 135% Revenue per Contact

Even after the opening of the stores, it became clear that the former offline customers remained loyal to the brand in the long term as multi-channel customers through store and online purchases.

Learn more about the steps the fashion house took and how exactly CrossEngage’s Customer Prediction Platform (CPP) made this incredible success possible in our free case study:

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