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Event Speaker Florian Bonnet
Florian Bonnet,
Head of CRM at HelloFresh
Florian Bonnet is head of CRM at HelloFresh, the leading global provider of fresh food at home. In this position, he is responsible for the retention, engagement and reactivation of customer relations in all markets. Overall, the company delivers 33.7 million meals to more than 1.25 million customers each quarter.
Event Speaker Rob Rebholz
Rob Rebholz,
Co-Founder of optilyz
Robert Rebholz is managing director of optilyz, a cloud-based tool that enables postal mailings to be sent like online marketing campaigns. Leading e-commerce companies as well as stationary retailers use optilyz to better segment letters, postcards, and automate recurring mailings.
Event Speaker Manuel Hinz
Manuel Hinz,
Co-Founder of CrossEngage
Manuel Hinz is an experienced entrepreneur, consultant, and manager. He’s a co-founder of CrossEngage, a platform that integrates all data available, adds easy-to-use customer journey and segmentation tools, and connects to best-of-breed marketing channels for clients like Deutsche Bahn and HelloFresh.

How to Use Direct Mailings as Part of Your CRM

In this webinar, we join forces with HelloFresh and optilyz, in order to present you an ideal case of combining offline and online channels in customer relationship management.

Using HelloFresh’s subscription service as an example, we’ll show you how you can easily integrate direct mailings into your set of marketing measures. Sending personalized postcards and letters to high-value customers can be the perfect complement to other activities and have a huge impact on your overall performance.

By joining our webinar, you will be able to make a detailed and practical assessment of how your conversion rate can be boosted by targeted mailings.

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Churn Prevention from Multi-Channel to Cross-Channel Execution

Discover the HelloFresh Case

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