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“There is no one reason for churn”

In the platform and attention economy, where platforms monopolize direct customer access and a customer’s attention has become a valuable resource, retention is more important than ever.

Paul Schwarzenholz, co-founder of the NPS-driven customer experience platform zenloop, has customer loyalty and churn prevention as his area of expertise.

Before founding zenloop, Paul Schwarzenholz co-founded beauty and perfume company Flaconi and he continues to be a business angel and advisor for over fifteen startups. Now, he and the rest of the zenloop team are bringing businesses a better understanding of how their customers think and feel about their products and services.

That understanding is very important for customer retention. Retention is one of today’s most vital topics for marketers, making our talk with Paul invaluable for anyone looking to retain their customers and improve their margins.

“Thousands of customer comments are analyzed every day”

To keep your customers loyal, you have to keep them happy. That’s no easy task when happiness and satisfaction varies from customer to customer. What works for one customer won’t for another. Customers will always have issues and problems that you can’t predict in advance.

Through an intuitive NPS feedback system, zenloop helps businesses respond to individual customer complaints as well as understand the greater trends surrounding their customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction.

For example, companies can respond to the customers who’ve had isolated negative experiences such as a faulty product, or find trends, such as consistently dissatisfying deliveries or unpleasant interactions.

“They doubled their retention in the first six weeks”

Paul talks us through the reasons behind customer churn, managing customers at each stage of the funnel and how to react to satisfaction and dissatisfaction. Find out how your company can double the retention rate by following the use cases he presents in this podcast episode.