When recessions loom, companies must demonstrate their agility and adjust their marketing focus. A change in marketing trends that has been apparent for some time is now being accelerated by current events: an increasing focus on CRM. Concentration on existing customers creates more immediate and consistent success: A 5% increase in customer loyalty creates a 25-95% increase in profit (Reichheld & Schefter, 2000). An effective, but often overlooked, tool for CRM is the direct mail marketing channel.

Personalizing Instead of Spraying and Praying

Modern customers are no longer convinced by shot-in-the-dark advertising. In the worst cases, customers react angrily to irrelevant advertising and withdraw contact permissions. But what are the requirements for a customer-centric approach to CRM? An effective CRM campaign addresses four core elements: target group, timing, content, and channel. In short: the right customers must be addressed with the right message at the right time and through the right channel. Marketers should strive for consistent cross-channel communication so that messages sent via different channels do not contradict each other, but rather build on each other.

Traditional Channels, Modern CRM

Direct mail has many advantages, especially its consistently high-quality presentation and a 2-10% average conversion rate. In addition, direct mail is unlike most marketing channels as marketers do not need customer permission to send postal advertising to customers. But many companies have not yet exhausted the possibilities for personalizing and automating direct mail in order to address their customers as individually as possible. A customer data platform (CDP) orchestrates data sources and engagement channels including direct mail, enabling direct mail campaigns that work alongside their digital counterparts. CRM becomes both innovative and performance-driven.

In this webinar, Managing Director Robert Rebholz from our technology partner optilyz and our CEO Manuel Hinz explain:

  • Why marketing to your existing customers is essential in light of current events.
  • How to creatively personalize transactional touchpoints in CRM, thereby increasing customer loyalty and retention.
  • How integration with a CDP opens up new possibilities for direct mail automation and personalization.

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