2022 was the year of “Back to the Customer” – For 2023, we are proclaiming the “Year of Customer Profitability”. Why? Because there is no way around managing customer relationships on a value basis.

We all have to pay much more attention to the monetary value of customer relationships, how much we want to/can invest in customer relationships, and what value brands have for customer relationships. All for the sake of profitability! Because in these times, this is the order of the day. Check out the Re:cap 2022 webinar – where we talk about the many changes 2022 has brought us. LINK HERE.

Webinar Recap 2022

Yet, we also know: All beginnings are difficult. The past decade has been about user growth and revenue growth. These things work fundamentally differently than driving customer value / CLV. That’s why we’re giving practical tips on how to take your first steps in the world of customer profitability. You’ll see: It’s easy!

Check it out!