How Good Is Your CRM?

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Are you a true CRM hero, just on a good path or do you need to invest a little bit more to make some improvements?

  • Strategy: Is customer retention strategically positioned?
  • Organization: How well is the CRM team organized?
  • Technology: How sophisticated is the technological setup?

Start now to put your CRM on a solid ground and keep your customers loyal on a long-term basis.

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What is CrossEngage?

CrossEngage is an integrated software solution that enables marketers to implement campaigns quickly and flexibly across all channels.

For this purpose, we combine a real-time customer data platform with progressive cross-channel campaign management. Our solution integrates all existing data sources to create 360-degree profiles. All marketing channels are simply orchestrated via an open, central system, without the need to replace the existing infrastructure.

As one of Europe’s leading software vendors, we are fully GDPR compliant and fulfill the highest standards on privacy and data protection.