Case studies have shown how essential predictive CRM is to improving the customer experience, reducing effort, and maximizing revenue. But how do you get started with predictive CRM? In this session at OMKB Kickoff 2022 our Co-Founder and CMO Dr. Markus Wuebben gives a first introduction to the topic and shows how you can implement it in your organization.


Predictive CLV

With predictive customer lifetime value, marketers can make reliable predictions about customer behavior to activate the most relevant and valuable audiences.

It analyzes previous customer behavior and helps to play out marketing activities in a value-oriented and customer-specific manner. In this way, customer loyalty can be strengthened and important opportunities for cross- or up-selling can be identified. The overall goal is to increase customer lifetime value in the long term.

Watch the whole session and learn from impressive, brand new case studies what monetary impact predictive CRM can have on your marketing activities and how you easily get started with it!