In this talk, our Co-Founder and CMO Dr. Markus Wuebben is in discussion with Björn Negelmann from Kongressmedia. Negelmann hosts weekly dialogs with industry experts. The discussions revolve around the topic of customer experience and the changes that are currently necessary in marketing and sales in order to successfully implement customer centricity.

Markus’ presentation addresses the question of how companies can operate CRM profitably in the future. In addition to rising acquisition costs and increased restrictions due to data protection regulations, the current economic situation poses further challenges for companies. Customers are increasingly reluctant to make new purchases and investments due to the ongoing inflation. If there is a recession, it will be even more difficult to acquire new customers.

All the more reason to focus on existing customers. Because this is where value-based marketing can turn the switch to profitable CRM.

And with which tricks you can now design your marketing profitable, you can learn here in the talk of the two experts: