The most successful brands focus on building long-term, valuable customer relationships rather than short-term digital campaigns. Based on the latest developments in the market, acquiring a new customer costs a company on average five times more than retaining a new customer. Customer retention has also been proven to lead companies to significantly higher profitability.


CDPs on the Rise

The collection and intelligent use of first-party data are crucial – and more and more companies understand this. Predictive CRM is the hottest keyword in this context. It enables companies to make value-based predictions about customer behavior. Which customers are at risk of churn, which ones have a particularly high affinity for the next cross-selling campaign, and which ones should I encourage to make a second purchase with the decisive measures because they promise a high CLV?

State-of-the-art tools for determining the most valuable, most urgent audiences can calculate these key figures at any time and address target groups automatically. How exactly this works and what added value real companies generate with the help of predictive CRM was explained by our CMO Dr. Markus Wuebben in his presentation at OMKB.


The OMKB started into the next round at the Berlin Congress Center this year – finally live and on site again. Marketers could expect exciting and inspiring presentations, talks, and roundtables by and for experts. The full-day conference offers a wide range of topics for both online marketing starters and experienced decision-makers from digital business, marketing and innovation.

OMKB – Die Zukunft des CRMs ist prädiktiv, nicht reaktiv!